Services we offer

truck DIspatching

Empower your logistics operations with our comprehensive trucking dispatching services tailored to streamline your transportation processes efficiently. We provide a range of essential tools and support to optimize your fleet management, ensuring seamless delivery of goods across distances.

DAT Load Board Integration

Gain access to one of the largest and most trusted load boards in the industry through seamless integration. Find and book available loads with ease, maximizing your trucking capacity and minimizing downtime.

Payment Gateway Integration

Simplify your financial transactions with our integrated payment gateway solutions. Securely process payments for services rendered, ensuring timely and hassle-free transactions for both you and your clients.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Setup

Protect your sensitive data and ensure secure communication channels with our VPN setup services. Safeguard your network from potential threats and breaches, maintaining confidentiality and integrity throughout your operations.

Calling App Integration

Enhance communication and coordination within your team and with clients using our calling app integration services. Stay connected effortlessly, facilitating real-time updates, instructions, and feedback to streamline your dispatching processes.

Truck DIspatching

Efficient dispatching services ensuring timely delivery, streamlined logistics, and reliable distribution for seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

Medical billing

Streamlined medical billing accuracy, prompt submissions, and maximum reimbursements. Simplify your billing process with our comprehensive solutions.


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